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WPW: Workplace Wellbeing - Developing Resilience and Reducing Stress

Code: WPW
Length: 1 Day

People are not infinite resources – invest in people, because sustainable people equal sustainable businesses. Stress is a natural reaction to any kind of excess demand or threat. While having some challenge at work can be positive, work-related stress can be a risk to mental and physical health. Fortunately, there are things you can do to reduce levels of stress in the workplace. This is a one-day interactive course where you will be able to discuss challenges in your current workplace and equip yourself with some tools and skills that develop resilience and reduce stress. Class size is limited to find a balance between each person having ample time to discuss the topics and value of sharing experiences. You will leave the course with an action plan to follow and a range of tools you can use to continue to reap the benefits realised during the session.

Delivery format(s)

The course is suitable for all employees at all levels as it relates to self-awareness and the ability to identify and address sources of workplace stress for the individual. The content can be tailored and adapted to provide insight and tools for people leaders.


· Causes and impacts of stress in the workplace and beyond

· Noticing behaviours related to stress in the workplace

· What is resilience and why does it matter

· Harnessing the power of habit to develop resilience and improve wellbeing

· The role of strengths-based development in developing resilience and improving wellbeing

· Understanding our individual strengths and using them as practical tools

· How having a growth mindset influences wellbeing

· Practical skills to support reducing workplace stress including communication, prioritisation, time management and reflective action

· Turning your ideas into reality – action plans and accountability

Additional value provided through a list of relevant, fit-for-purpose and ready-to-use resources that can be used to develop and implement workplace wellbeing initiatives in your workplace.

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