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SDML: Designing Microlearning

Code: SDML
Length: 1 Day

This workshop will give you the confidence to design and develop microlearning experiences that are right for your organisation.

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Microlearning offers flexibility in learning pathways and can help motivate learners for better learner engagement and improved retention. Learning experiences that can be pushed to learners on the job, giving them what they need in the moment to do their jobs better. But how do you make the most of these opportunities? Which tools should you use? How will learners respond? What about assessment? How do they retain what they learn?

This workshop will give you the confidence to design and develop microlearning experiences that are right for your organisation. Experiences that can build upon each other to ensure learning is targeted and hits at the right time to ensure your people can do the job they need to.

Delivered in partnership with Synapsys.


Before attending this course, students must have: 

  • A basic understanding of learning design and some experience designing learning or training 
  • A basic understanding of adult education

Students would benefit from having attended Designing Effective Learning prior to attending this course. Students would also benefit from having attended Advanced Learning Design prior to attending this course. 


After completing this course, students will be able to: 

  • Draw from a range of examples of microlearning in action 
  • Choose the right microlearning strategy for their particular learning initiative 
  • Be clear on which microlearning tools are right for their needs 
  • Rapidly increase engagement in training 
  • Target the right audience for your training 
  • Ensure retention of training 
  • Apply a microlearning approach to a project you’re working on

This course also will provide you with a guide to designing microlearning and the models used within the course and a checklist that you can use in your future learning design projects. Learning design and microlearning coaching following the workshop is available as an optional extra, enabling you to work on your real examples in more detail with our experienced leaders in this field. 

We offer tools for microlearning that can be subscribed to or purchased as an optional extra. 


This workshop is for those excited about the possibility of introducing microlearning in their organisations. It would be suitable for learning and design or training professionals. 

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