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SALD: Advanced Learning Design

Code: SALD
Length: 1 Day

This class is designed for those responsible for developing training as a profession or key function.

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Having a basic understanding of learning design is an absolute must have for anyone developing learning content, but if you want to take your learning content to the next level you need more than just a basic level of understanding.

We designed the Advanced Learning Design Workshop for those responsible for developing training as a profession or key function. The workshop builds upon your knowledge of learning design with research-based theory and a model for learning design that will ensure your learning is well-planned with strategies for engaging adult learners.

You’ll also get insight into different learning technologies and how to effectively blend your learning content. With a focus on behavioural change and measurable outcomes, you’ll have the assurance that your learning content is hitting the mark.

Delivered in partnership with Synapsys.

Before attending this course students must have: 
  •  A basic understanding of learning design and some experience designing learning or training
  •  A basic understanding of adult education
Students would benefit from having attended Designing Effective Learning prior to attending this course. 
After completing this course, students will be able to: 
  • Bring a systems approach to learning design that will ensure well-planned learning content for learners 
  • Build truly engaging experiences for adult learners 
  • Make choices on the right blended approach for their particular programme 
  • Choose the right development tools for the job 
  • Choose the right quality standards for the learning experience and have confidence they can meet them
  • Be clear on how to measure the impact of the learning experience

This course also will provide you with a guide to advanced learning design and the models used within the course and a checklist that you can use in your future learning design projects. Learning design coaching following the workshop is available as an optional extra, enabling you to work on your real examples in more detail with our experienced leaders in this field.

  • Learning or training developers with a basic understanding of learning design or pedagogy 
  • Adult educators wanting to add more structure to their learning design 
  • E-learning designers or developers

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