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PDPTS: Professional Telephone Skills

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Jun 2022
Aug 2022
Oct 2022
Nov 2022
Length: 1 Day

This course will provide your staff with the awareness and skills they need to handle phone calls with a higher level of professionalism. This will ensure that a positive image of your organisation is reinforced and strengthened with every conversation.

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In today's fast-paced business environment, effective communication is the key to success. So, the telephone etiquette displayed by your organisational staff is indicative of their willingness and ability to assist customers professionally and efficiently.This course teaches you fundamental communication skills like how to project professionalism over the phone, how to gain client confidence quickly, how to improve your phone voice, how to handle irate customers, tips for handling a busy reception line and much more.This course is delivered in partnership with PD Training.



After completing this course participants will be able to:

  • Learn how to provide effective client service over the phone
  • Project a professional image over the phone
  • Master a professional, effective & reassuring telephone voice
  • Gain client's trust using proven communication techniques
  • Learn to question effectively over the phone
  • Master proven techniques to manage irate customers professionally
  • Learn tips for handling a busy reception
  • Phrase more effectively for positive and clearer communication
  • Establish the right words for unambiguous, positive & productive communication

The skills and the attitude projected by staff over the telephone form a lasting impression in the minds of any organisation's customers, making them a critical customer 'touch point'.  

Today virtual teams are the norm rather than the exception, and one of their primary channels of communication is the telephone. Hence, it is imperative for virtual employees to also have a good understanding of business telephone etiquette in order to provide efficient information exchange.  

This Professional Telephone Skills Training Program aims at helping employees create a lasting impression in their customers' minds and reflects the organisation in the best light possible.  The course focuses on developing telephone etiquette and skills to deal with customers assertively, empathetically with a sense of care and positive attitude.  

Lesson 1 - Providing Effective Client Service
  • Welcome
  • The Ten Commandments of Good Business
  • What Makes An Effective Client Communicator?
  • The Seven Deadly Sins of Service 
  • Reflection

Lesson 2 - Your Personality/Your Telephone Voice
  • LDP Review – Communication Evolution Tool
  • The Communication Model
  • The ABCDE (Five Qualities) of a Good Telephone Voice
  • Your Welcome – Should HAIL
  • Voice Modulation – The 6 P’s to Para verbal Communication
  • Reflection
Lesson 3 - Gaining Your Client’s Trust
  • You never get a second chance to make a good first impression
  • Create a Positive First Impression:
  • 4 Key Parts to your Phone Greeting
  • Put Your Clients at Ease with Positive Language
  • Show Urgency
  • Getting to the Point Quickly - Saying Too Much
  • Ending a Call Politely and Professionally
  • Put it into Practice
  • Reflection
Lesson 4 - Handling Barriers Over The Phone
  • Managing the 5 Barriers
  • Words That Must Never Be Used
  • Reflection
Lesson 5 - Effective Questioning
  • Good Questioning Techniques
  • Ask yourself the following 5
  • Open and Closed Questions
  • Clarifying Questions
  • Seek Satisfaction/Understanding
  • Questions to Keep Control of the Call
  • Arrange When You Will Call Them Back
  • Reflection
Lesson 6 - Irate Clients
  • How to Deal with Angry Clients
  • The Challenge of Angry Clients 
  • Do Not Allow Negative Emotions to Affect You
  • High Emotion – Low Intelligence
  • Use the HEAT to Defuse an Irate Client
  • Reflection
Lesson 7 - Prepare Yourself
  • Planning Phone Calls
  • Check Your Ringtone
  • Transferring Calls
  • Asking a Client to Hold
  • Taking Messages
  • Reflection
Lesson 8 - Reception Tips
  • Serving Clients at the Reception: The Dos
  • Serving Clients at the Reception: The Don’ts
  • Reflection
Lesson 9 - Professional Voicemail Messages
  • What to Include in a Voicemail Message?
  • Customised Messages for Different Callers
  • Closed Greeting
  • Internal Greeting
  • Practice, Practice, Practice
  • Reflection
Lesson 10 - Reflections
  • Create an Action Plan
  • Accountability = Action 

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