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PDC&M: Coaching and Mentoring

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Jun 2022
Sep 2022
Nov 2022
Code: PDC&M
Length: 1 Day

Coaching and mentoring programs can create a strong competitive advantage. They provide continuous learning and develop people to meet current and future needs. Business mentoring and coaching is an investment that you make in developing your key resource - people - for the long-term benefit of the organisation.

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Coaching and mentoring employees in New Zealand helps to boost productivity, creates a healthier work environment, ensures smooth functioning of business processes and improves moral. As human resources are the key in any organisation, it is important to coach and mentor them appropriately to reduce attrition and improve staff retention.This course provides you with a deep understanding and the skills required to properly implement important mentoring techniques such as goal setting, developing career options, overcoming personal obstacles, building trust, giving critical feedback and more. This course is delivered in partnership with PD Training.

In this course participants will:

  • Understand the G.R.O.W. model and apply it
  • Learn to set appropriate, effective goals using the S.M.A.R.T. technique
  • Learn how to recognise the current state or reality of an employee's situation
  • Learn to identify coaching and mentoring options for your employees, creating a preliminary plan with action steps
  • Learn how to develop a complete plan, including motivational opportunities to drive accomplishment
  • Understand the importance of building & fostering trust with employees
  • Master the art of giving effective feedback while maintaining trust
  • Recognise & overcome common obstacles that are holding employees back
  • Know when it is the right time to stop coaching an employee
  • Learn to continue to transition an employee to other opportunities for continued growth
Lesson 1 - Coaching and Mentoring Defined 
  • What is Coaching?
  • What is Mentoring?
  • Introducing the GROW Model
Lesson 2 - Setting Managable Goals 
  • Goals in the Context of GROW
  • Identifying Appropriate Goal Areas
  • Setting SMART Goals
Lesson 3 - Understanding the Reality 
  • Getting a Picture of Where you are
  • Identifying Obstacles
  • Exploring the Past
Lesson 4 - Developing Other Options 
  • Identifying Paths
  • Choosing your Final Approach
  • Structuring a Plan
Lesson 5 - Wrapping it all Up 
  • Creating the Final Plan
  • Identifying the First Step
  • Getting Motivated
Lesson 6 - The Importance of Trust 
  • What is Trust?
  • Trust and Coaching
  • Building Trust
Lesson 7 - Providing Feedback 

  • The Feedback Sandwich
  • Providing Constructive Criticism
  • Encouraging Growth and Development
Lesson 8 - Overcoming Roadblocks 
  • Common Obstacles
  • Re-Evaluating Goals
  • Focusing on Progress
Lesson 9 - Reaching the End 
  • How to know when you've Achieved Success
  • Transitioning the Coachee
  • Wrapping it all up
Lesson 10 - How Mentoring Differs from Coaching 
  • The Basic Differences
  • Blending the Two Models
  • Adapting the GROW Model for Mentoring
  • Focusing on the Relationship

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