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PJ: Microsoft Project

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Aug 2021
Sep 2021
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Code: PJ
Length: 2 Days

Learn skills necessary to develop, implement and manage a project plan.

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This course provides a comprehensive introduction to Microsoft Project and gives participants the skills necessary to develop, implement and manage a project plan. The course consists of formal instruction with plenty of opportunity for hands-on practice, there is also time allowed to cover specific areas of interest for the participants.

After completing this course, students will be able to:

  • Discuss basic project management concepts and principles; identify project view options, interface components, and Gantt chart elements.
  • Create a task list, using both manual and automatic scheduling modes; set durations; modify a task list; establish a Work Breakdown Structure; hide columns; set milestones; and format the Sheet pane and the Gantt chart.
  • Link tasks to establish a project schedule; modify task predecessors; set lag time and lead time; add recurring tasks; work in Network Diagram view; modify task relationships; and set task constraints.
  • Set a base calendar and edit the working time; create a resource pool and a resource calendar; assign resources to tasks; create and apply a task calendar; enter resource costs; and use the Cost table.
  • Work in Calendar view and Resource Form view; add tasks to the Timeline view, work with tables and create tables.
  • Display the critical path and slack; edit effort-driven schedules to fine-tune a project; and resolve resource conflicts by applying both automatic and manual resource levelling.
  • Set baselines; manage a project and enter task progress.
  • Apply and create project reports.

Getting Started with Microsoft Project 
 Identify Project Management Concepts 
 Navigate the Microsoft Project Environment 

Defining a Project 
 Create a New Project Plan 
 Define a Project 
 Assign a Project Calendar 

Creating and Organising Tasks 
 Add Tasks to a Project Plan 
 Import Tasks From Other Programs 
 Create a Work Breakdown Structure 
 Define Task Relationships 
 Schedule Tasks

Managing Project Plan Resources 
 Add Resources to a Project Plan 
 Create a Resource Calendar 
 Enter Costs for Resources 
 Assign Resources to Tasks 
 Resolve Resource Conflicts 

Finalising a Project Plan 
 Optimise a Project Plan 
 Set a Baseline 
 Share a Project Plan

Executing a Project 
 Enter Task Progress 
 Update Task Progress with SharePoint 
 Update Work 
 Update Costs 

Monitoring Project Progress 
 View Project Progress 
 Add Custom Fields 
 Create Custom Views 
 Create a Network Diagram 
 Analyse a Project Plan 

Controlling a Project Plan 
 Edit the Task List 
 Reschedule Tasks 
 Update a Baseline
 Reporting on Progress 
 Format and Share a Chart View 
 View Existing Reports 
 Create Custom Reports 
 Create a Visual Report 

Customising the Application 
 Change Project Options 
 Create a Project Plan Template 
 Share Resources 
 Link Project Plans

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