Club Memberships

Maximise your training budget. We can help you maximise your training budgets via pre-paid training credits, promotions and club memberships and subscriptions.

Training Credits

Get the most out of your training budget. Whether you’re training one or many and need one course or several, our special offers help you save money. With options ranging from a reward for a single course purchase to volume bundles that enable teams to lock in reduced rates on multiple courses for the year, we can help your money work harder. Call us to discuss your training requirements.


Technology is constantly changing, and the role of IT professionals is continually evolving. Continuous learning is the key to keeping your skills current and ensuring you have what it takes to rise to the digital transformation challenge. Our IT training subscriptions feature classroom and/or on-demand learning from leading technology providers like Microsoft, Red Hat and VMware.


LS220: Red Hat Learning Subscription - Standard

Access a variety of training in one place.

With Red Hat Learning Subscription, you can gain more in-depth knowledge through different types of training to fit your learning style.

VMLZS: Standard VMware Learning Zone Subscription

The Standard VMware Learning Zone is a new subscription-based service that gives you a full year of unlimited, 24/7 access to official VMware video-based training. More than 65 video titles are included and address topics including Horizon, vCenter, vCloud, VMDK, vSAN, vRealize, and vSphere.

Top VMware experts and instructors discuss solutions, provide tips and give advice on a variety of advanced topics.

EXLACAD: Excel Academy

Microsoft Excel is the most used business software on the market. It has broad applications, from simple data entry to complex problem solving, that are used to make important business decisions.

If you like problem solving, data analysis, and the idea of being the most valuable member of your team, you will want to become an Excel power user.