Bring a Buddy


Share the love. Bring a buddy for free!

Life is more fun when you can bring a buddy along for the ride. And when it means you both get to study for less, well that’s just an added bonus!

A couple of times a month, we’re going to offer you a special deal when you train with a buddy. It might be a free event, free exams, or great discounts. All you have to do to stay in the loop is sign up to get the offer.

Even if you’re not interested in Office courses, we have some amazing deals coming up (technical, end-user and professional development), so sign up now so you don’t miss out! You also have our promise that we won’t bombard you with deals – we know you’re busy so we’re being picky about what we offer.

Some of the offers will be for limited times, and there may be limits on numbers – but we will let you know.

So we don’t spam you, please opt in to say you’d like a quick notification when a new Bring a Buddy offer is available.